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P.U.M.P also offers quality in house electric motor rewinding at competitive prices.

We pride ourselves on our high standards of our motor rewinding service which includes a fast turn around and quality products. We have the expertise and resources to work on all makes and models of motors, so whether or not you buy an electric motor from us, you’ll get expert service at a cost effective rate. Need more than just an electric motor rewind? We also have a range of electric motors for sale when the time comes to upgrade your system.

All work is thoroughly checked and is completed to the highest standards by our qualified and licensed team. To find out more about the service we offer, or to get a quote on P.U.M.P electric motors services, give us a call on 1300 4 PUMPS (1300 478 677) or (08) 9091 PUMP (7867).


pump electric motors

  • Three Phase induction motors.

  • High performance tested and manufactured for Australian conditions.

  • FRAMES D80 – 355M Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled

  • Horizontal Foot Mounting, Flange Mounting, Foot/Flange Mounting

  • Ranging 0.55kW – 315kW

  • Higher ratings available on application

  • On line complete routine tests are carried out on every motor.


    • Standard Voltage is 380-415 V, 3 Phase 50Hz, other voltages can be supplied on request. Star connected 3kW or less.


  • Delta 400V / Star 690V for 4kW and above.


  • IP56 TEFC totally enclosed with external fan and optional IP ratings available. Cooling method to AS 1359.

Duty Rating:

  • All motors are continuously rated type – S1

Ambient & Altitude:

    • Motors are designed to operate in an ambient temperature of -10°C to 40°C.


  • Motors are designed to operate at a maximum of 1000 meters above sea level.

Dimensions & Performance:

  • REMX EF Series motors are designed and manufactured to AS/NZS 1359, IEC34 & IEC72. REMX EF Series electric motors fully
    comply with the Minimum Energy Performance Standard (MEPS) requirements which are set out in AS/NZS 1359.5-2000.

Inverter Duty:

  • REMX EF Series motors are suitable for inverter duty.

Direction of Rotation:

  • All standard motors are suitable for operation in either direction of rotation.


  • Standard Foot Mount – B3 (IM1001), Foot & Flange Mount – B35 (IM2001), Flanged Mounted – B5 (IM3001), Foot and C Face
    Flange – B34 (IM2101), C Face Mounted – B14 (IM3601).

CONSTRUCTION Frames and Endshields:

    • Endshields and Stator are constructed with cast iron offering excellent strength and corrosion immunity.


    • The REMX EF Series design offers close tolerances, rigid alignment with minimum vibration. Motors meet limits of vibration severity
      set out in AS 1359.114-1997 Level N (normal) values related to rotating machinery measured in soft suspension. Cooling & Ventilation.


  • Polypropylene fans are fitted as standard, optional metal fans available. The fan cowl is manufactured with steel, providing optimum fan protection. Frames and End shields are cast with cooling fins for high air flow, providing low temperature rise and low noise level.

Bearings and Lubrication:

  • Standard SKF metric ball bearings and roller bearings are used in the REMX EF Series. Pre-lubricated bearings are standard on
    frames 132 and less, on-line grease relief systems are standard on frames 160 and above which allows motors to be greased via re greasing nipples.

Insulation and Windings:

    • Stator lamination’s are manufactured with high quality insulated electromagnetic steel for high efficiency.


  • High grade insulated copper wire is used for stator winding, providing a varnished and baked winding capable of withstanding heat,
    oil and moisture.

Shaft & Rotor:

  • Standard shaft and key lengths are provided complete with drilled and tapped holes. Rotor cages are constructed with high grade
    die cast aluminium, adjusted to maintain balance allowing motors to run smoothly with minimum vibration.

Terminal Box:

  • Rotatable in 90° increments, terminal boxes are rugged cast iron, diagonally split to ensure easy access and manufactured to
    Australian Standards. Boxes are positioned on the top when viewed from the drive end. Conduit entry, terminal board and earthterminal provided within the terminal box.


  • Rust-proof coating applied to all inside surfaces. Outside exterior is painted with a rust base and a royal blue lacquer surface finish.

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