Ozmist Misting Systems in Australia


A flexible, highly cost effective and efficient Cooling or Humidification System for Australian conditions.

Ozmist Misting Systems provide fast, efficient cooling solutions for factories, workshops, warehouses and outdoor areas. Ozmist Flash Evaporation provides up to a 12 degree Centigrade temperature reduction with no wetting of floors and surfaces or rusting of equipment as the mist evaporates immediately. Designed and developed in Australia, all Ozmist systems are easily installed, extremely cost effective to run and require minimal maintenance.

Ozmist Misting Systems are a remarkably cost effective and efficient cooling system, capable of combating extreme heat in the work place. It fits seamlessly alongside the most stringent OH&S requirements, and safely assists in the delivery of increased productivity and morale for industrial and commercial workers in factories, workshops, packing sheds and outdoor or semi-enclosed areas – no matter how large the area.

Prestige Universal Mining Pumps’ teams can install Ozmist Misting Systems Australia wide for a fraction of the cost and in a lot less time than alternative cooling systems. In open workshops and factories there is nothing that can compare with their cooling effectiveness, running costs and initial purchase price! Please feel free to contact us if you have any queries. We regularly ship equipment within Australia around the world and are only too happy to provide a free, no obligation proposal for your misting requirements.