Shelving units with pump parts

The Importance of Mining Pump Maintenance

Regularly maintaining your mining pump helps to extend its wear life, avoid unplanned downtime and reduces total ownership costs.

The Benefit of Regular Pump Maintenance

Mining pumps are versatile pieces of equipment; however they are not immune to wear and tear which impacts performance over time. If this wear is consistent and goes unchecked, the efficiency and functionality of the pump can be compromised, eventually leading to pump failure.

While wear is inevitable under the conditions industrial equipment operates, it doesn’t need to weaken a mining pump’s performance. To ensure your pump operates to an optimal level throughout its entire lifespan, it is advised to conduct preventative maintenance on all installed infrastructure, not just the pump alone.

Regardless of the application or operating conditions, a routine maintenance program will assist in extending the life of a pump. Well-maintained equipment lasts longer, requiring less frequent and cheaper repair work.

Essential Maintenance Tasks For Optimal Pump Performance

Prestige Pumps recommends the pump’s performance (head and flow) is verified periodically against the start up or original duty point which will indicate the condition of the wearing parts.

Sealing System

As with all wearing parts, the pump’s sealing system components will require checks. The frequency of the seal checks will depend on the application the pump is being used for.

Extending The Life of Your Mining Pump

Matching a suitable pump to its application includes evaluating the environment in which the pump will operate, specific design features of the pump and its role in the total system design. This ensures the equipment performs effectively for its intended use.

Routine maintenance is highly beneficial for ensuring your mining pump is operating effectively. A well-maintained pump keeps your operation efficient, while also extending pump life and avoiding premature pump failure. Deferring maintenance activities can lead to costly downtime and expensive repairs. Maintenance activities should cover all aspects of the installation from suction to the end discharge point.

Why Choose Prestige Universal Mining Pumps?

With over 40 years of experience in the mining sector, Prestige Universal Mining Pumps are well equipped to deliver outstanding mining pump solutions. At P.U.M.P, we offer the sale of new pumps, hire pumps, as well as complete maintenance, servicing and repairs for a wide range of pump types. Our licensed electrical and mechanical fitters provide our servicing and repairs Australia-wide, and each pump we look at must pass full testing procedures, meeting specification requirements, before it is sent back to site.

Our vast experience and intimate product knowledge allows us to offer a unique and in-comprehensive service to our clients. With an understanding of both pump sales and maintenance, Prestige Universal Mining Pumps is the ideal choice for all your mining pump requirements.