Force 15 Pump (Snort Pump)

Force 15 snort pump

Performance Curve:

Force 15 pump performance chart


We offer sales, full repair and servicing of all FORCE 15 Pumps (SNORT TYPE PUMPS). The FORCE 15 (SNORT TYPE PUMP) can be used on underground drill rigs and also as a static pump for sumps.

The FORCE 15 (SNORT TYPE PUMP) is extremely reliable and has a pump head of up to 90 meters.

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Force 15 Pump Operation:

The Force 15 is a highly innovative 100% Australian pump that is purposely designed for mining. To ensure maximum performance and operational life from your Force 15 Pump there are some basic requirements that must be adhered to.

Force 15 Pumps have a pressure operating range of 300-700kPa (30-70m) with a flows of 15.5-2L/s respectively. Running the pump outside this range will cause problems, especially at pressures less than 250kPa (25m) which will eventually damage the pump.

Your pump has been fitted with a special colour coded Force 15 Pump pressure gauge and 2” stainless ball valve. The gauge indicates the correct operating pressure for the Force 15 Pump in GREEN. If the pressure gauge indicates in the RED the measures need to be taken to rectify the situation.

If the pressure is below the green zone, close the ball valve until the gauge indicates back into the green zone. If the pressure is above the green zone ensure ball valve is adjusted correctly adjusted, if this has no effect the problem lies in the discharge pipe work. Pressure adjustments can be made with the pump running.

All new Force 15 Pumps are fitted with an oil conversion to reduce Preventative Maintenance errors. This oil used is ISO 68 hydraulic oil. The oil level should lie approximately at half level of the reservoir to allow expansion and contraction. Under normal operation the oil should not need to be topped up.

Finally between the Suction Cover and the Volute Housing of the pump a combination of 0.25 & 0.5mm shims have been inserted to allow for wear. Performance can be checked by “deadheading” the pump.

Whilst the pump is running adjust the outlet ball valve to the fully closed position and read the pressure gauge. If the pressure is below 650kpa (65m) a shim can be removed to improve performance. Do not remove more than 0.5mm shim at once!! Removal of 0.25mm of shim equates to approximately 60kPa (6m) of deadhead pressure rise.

Force 15 Pump Breakdown:

Force 15 diagram
Force 15 diagram
Force 15 diagram

Force 15 Pump Parts List: