About Prestige Universal Mining Pumps

With 40 plus years of mining industry experience, Prestige Universal Mining Pumps are prepared for every mining pump solution.
prestige universal mining pumps
Australian Made - The product has undergone its last substantial transformation in Australia.

At P.U.M.P, we have the experience and knowledge to provide you with the best mining pump solution for your needs.

With local knowledge, we have an in-depth understanding of geographical conditions to deal with any situation.

Starting in 2005, Andy & Samantha Grigg began Prestige Universal Mining Pumps recognising a gap in the market. Initially supplying mining pump parts from other brands, it proved difficult and not cost effective for his clients.

With a keen focus on offering a quality service and products at affordable market price, Andy grew P.U.M.P.’s reputation within the industry. Today Prestige Universal Mining Pumps are a well-known and trusted partner for all mining pump supply, hire, maintenance and motor rewind services.

Throughout the years, P.U.M.P. focused on further improvement to the quality of their products. Spending significant time on Research and Development, improving quality, the resistance to impact damage and corrosion, ensuring a longer service life of pumps and parts.

With Prestige Universal Mining Pumps being in control of the product manufacturing, this allows for greater cost savings which are passed onto you our customer.

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The experience of P.U.M.P

With 40 years’ experience in the mining industry each, Andy and Sam Grigg are no strangers to what’s required for mining pump supply.

Having intimate product knowledge from years in the industry allows the team at P.U.M.P. to offer a unique and in-depth service to clients. With specialist experience in both pump sales and maintenance, this sets Prestige Universal Mining Pumps apart from other mining pump supply companies.

Mining pump manufacturers
andy checking pump rotation

It all started with Andy...

While working in the mining industry as an Underground Electrical Supervisor, Andy noticed a consistent theme of high-cost product that was lacking in quality. Mining Pumps are such an integral part of any mine, as they stop the mine from flooding.

Completely blown away by the cost of mining pumps and parts, Andy knew it was time for someone to shake up the industry. This is the foundation that Prestige Universal Mining Pumps was built on, offering product and service at a fair price.

P.U.M.P. stand for quality, service and affordability

A quality service at a fair price. Sounds simple.

Along with this being the ethos for Prestige Universal Mining Pumps, there is a dedicated effort for the service to be transparent, open and honest. At all stages of looking after clients, P.U.M.P. want to create a reputation for client first service.

P.U.M.P. clients are encouraged to provide honest feedback on the both the service and quality of their mining pumps. Without this, the continued quality that Prestige Universal Mining Pumps pride themselves on would not continue to thrive.

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