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Prestige Universal Mining Pumps is a leading provider of mining pumps and related maintenance services. Contact us for all your mining pump needs.

Mining Pump repair

Offering brand new Mining Pumps, hire or maintenance of existing pumps.

We can assist you at any stage with the best pump solution to suit your requirements.

Prestige Universal Mining Pumps (P.U.M.P.) supply mining pumps to almost every major mining operation around Kalgoorlie.

Our reputation for excellent customer service and attention to detail has enabled us to become one of the most reputable suppliers of mining and dewatering pumps in the Goldfields and Esperance region.

Whether you are looking to hire a pump, service existing equipment or order parts rest assured you can count on us

Mining Pump Hire

A full-service solution for your pumping needs.

We understand that mining pump hire involves more than just delivering the equipment. It also involves providing ongoing support and service to ensure the pump operates smoothly and efficiently. With over 40 years of experience servicing the mining industry, we have both the expertise and the pumps available to offer options and find a solution that meets your specific needs. Get in touch today!

We are aware that the mining industry often requires immediate response to problems or issues, which is why we have the ability to quickly adapt and respond to your needs. We strive to facilitate your requirements in a timely and efficient manner.

Dewatering Pumps

We offer a comprehensive selection of dewatering pumps specifically designed for mining operations in the Goldfields region. We take the time to fully understand the unique requirements and systems of your dewatering project, whether it be in an open pit or underground. This includes analysing factors such as water treatment, water supply, site support, and any existing equipment you may have in order to identify potential cost-saving opportunities. With this information, we can then provide the most effective solution, service, and support for your dewatering needs.

Our range of submersible pumps include:

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Mining Pump Service & Parts

Combining quality products with a fast turnaround time.

To ensure the optimal performance and lifespan of your mining pumps, it is important to regularly maintain them. Our team at P.U.M.P. is here to help with all your maintenance needs. If you need to keep your mining and dewatering operations running smoothly while your pump is being serviced, we also offer pump rentals. Don’t hesitate to contact us at P.U.M.P. to schedule maintenance for your equipment.

We have a wide range of pump parts in stock and ready for use. For more information, you can visit our website to see a detailed list of our pump offerings. Our maintenance services include:

Maintenance Process Steps

At P.U.M.P., we take quality control seriously. We understand that having pumps that are functioning correctly is key to successful projects. That’s why we’ve refined our process to create an efficient, streamlined approach that guarantees consistently great quality. We take pride in ensuring that all our pumps sent out to site are in prime condition – so you can be sure of a successful outcome!

The pump is disassembled down to the bare rotor and all individual parts are cleaned and inspected

Any parts that need to be replaced are quoted to the client (if they are beyond serviceable use)

Once approved, a shaft up rebuild is started with the installation of any required new components

Testing Process Steps

At Prestige Universal Mining Pumps, we recognize that the testing process is just as critical as the maintenance process. To ensure that your mining pump is running at its maximum efficiency, we subject each part of the pump to thorough testing. This helps us identify any issues or areas that may need attention, allowing us to take the necessary steps to optimize performance.

To ensure the quality and performance of our mining pumps, we conduct a thorough testing process that includes:

Running the pump through a test tank to verify that it conforms to published test curves, operates within electrical parameters, and runs in the correct direction

Utilizing our onsite 1,000-volt test facility and electronic flowmeters and pressure gauges to check the total volume and rate of flow

Applying head pressure to the pump during testing to simulate in-service conditions

Upon completion of testing, the pump is painted, packed, and shipped back to the site

While mining pump supply and maintenance are at the core of our business, we are also able to provide spare parts and pump repairs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Dewatering a mining area is crucial to ensure the safety and stability of the mine site. Mining dewatering pumps help to relocate both above and below ground water to allow mining take place. If water is not controlled within areas of a mine site it can holt excavation and the safety of workers can be compromised.

The mining pumps used for dewatering must be robust and efficient in their build and design. This is because they often operate in harsh environments, under heavy workloads. Dewatering pumps are kept on the mine site for the entirety of the excavation to ensure water levels are stable.

A submersible dewatering mining pump is used in the mining industry for the relocation of water from the mining site to a specified relocation area. Submersible mining pumps are a popular choice for the mining industry because they are hardy, efficient, and can run for long periods of time.

They are effective at dewatering mine sites because they can run whilst submerged in water, meaning their motors are always kept cool and they don’t need to be primed like other pumps. Submersible pumps have the added benefit of being portable and can be relocated to dewater various areas of a mine site.

The type of pump used will depend on the job at hand and what conditions you will be using it in, as well as the environment in which it will be operating in, such as underground or surface dewatering.

The large range of pumps we manufacture ensures we can supply pumps that are well suited to a variety of applications within the industry and are designed for all conditions.

If your mining pump application is unique, we have specific industry mining pump solutions that can cater to your needs.

If your pump needs repairs or its not performing as it used to, give us a call and we can run a series of diagnostic tests to determine the issue and ensure your pump gets back to work.

Every pump serviced by Prestige Universal Mining Pumps has to pass a full testing procedure and meet all specification requirements before it is sent back to site. During the maintenance service, a lot of time is spent monitoring mining pumps as this service is a crucial step to increasing the life of the product.

The testing process is just as important as the maintenance process. Prestige Universal Mining Pumps ensures your mining pump operates at maximum efficiency. This is done by rigorously testing each part of the pump to measure its performance and diagnose any damage to parts.

Electrical motor rewinding is a process that involves three basic steps: removal or stripping of the winding coils, inserting and connecting new winding coils and insulating the completed winding.

When an electric motor’s performance starts to deteriorate, you must choose to either replace the whole motor entirely or extend the life of the motor with “rewinding’’ techniques.

If you’ve ever been told that your electric motor needs rewinding, it means the coils are damaged in some way such as being shorted or grounded. There are a wide variety of issues associated with motor failures that require rewinding, most of these coming from failed insulation and/or grounded/shortened coils.

Prestige Pumps offers in-house electrical rewinding and pump repairs as well as maintenance which includes:

  • Quoting on requirements
  • Stripping down the motor
  • Rebuilding
  • Performance Testing
  • Packing and delivering out to clients

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